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The vision of The Andrew M. and Jane M. Bursky Center for Human Immunology & Immunotherapy Programs (CHiiPs) is to become a leader in the field of human immunology by establishing an environment where basic, translational and clinical aspects of human immunology and immunotherapy research are seamlessly integrated.   We will achieve this through these primary initiatives:

  • Facilitate basic research in the new and rapidly evolving areas of human immunology;
  • Use the insights that emerge from this research to achieve a better understanding of human disease; and,
  • Provide an environment that encourages and supports the clinical translation of these insights into novel therapies for autoimmunity, cancer, immunodeficiency and infectious diseases.

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Immune Dysfunction

Infectious Disease & Vaccines

Immunomonitoring Lab (IML)

The IML provides state-of-the-art analyses to monitor immunologic changes occurring during immunotherapy and relate them to treatment outcomes.