MSD QuickPlex

 MSD technology offers the following advantages:

  • High sensitivity and broad dynamic range. Multiple excitation cycles of each label amplify the signal and improve sensitivity into the ng/mL range of detection; the wide dynamic range of the detection systems mean high and low expression levels can be measured without multiple dilutions.

  • Flexibility. Carbon electrode plates support the immobilization of a wide range of different biological materials, with 10X greater binding capacity than polystyrene.  A variety of analytes can be assayed from rodent, non-human primate, and human sources.  Customized assays for your specific target can be made!

  • Clean signals. The stimulation mechanism (electricity) affects only analytes bound near the surface of the plate, eliminating problems with background noise. The ~620 nm photons from SULFO-TAG labels are not absorbed by most components of biological samples, dramatically reducing matrix interference and color quenching.

  • Time- and cost-effective processing. Multiplex panels are very cost-effective and offer high processing efficiency; multiple analytes can be measured in one well using typical sample volumes of 50 uL or less without compromising speed or performance. 

  • Consistent results. Independent reports in respected journals and data from our core show that MSD’s assays provide highly reproducible intra- and inter-lab results. Strict manufacturing procedures keep critical reagents consistent from lot-to-lot, and simple protocols and standardized templates reduce the potential effects of inter-operator variability. We perform quality control with every run to validate the assay and to assure that our services are of the highest standards. 

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